Tips For Maintaining Our Air Conditioner?

Aircon tips

There are 5 tips to maintain the performance of your aircon unit:

1. Change your air filters

Your HVAC (Heating,  Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system comes equipped with air filters to capture sawdust,  pet hair, and other contaminants. These filters prevent those contaminants from interfering with the operation of your system.

2. Clean away from plants and bushes

Clean away any plant life you find growing near the aircon unit. It ensures the unit gets enough air and that ensures you a more efficient unit for your home.

3. Check the drain line

Your aircon unit needs to drain excess moisture from the condenser. It drain line can clog from algae growth.

4. Get a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat removes the human element. You simply program the thermostat for the temperatures that you want at different times of the day. You save money and the extent of the efficient working life of the unit.

5. Schedule professional maintenance

A professional technicians can check these things, including :

  • Electrical components
  • Mechanical components
  • Coolant levels
  • Duct integrity.

These 5 tips are the best performance of your aircon unit and this aircon service will help speed up your aircon and we are protected from the unnecessary high electricity bill. It gradually increases the volume based on room temperature. Aircon service will provide you at a low cost for your comfort. You should always want to maintain your aircon for your better experience.

The Essential maintenance for aircon

Step1: Shut off the power

Step2: Remove debris

Step3: Clean the fins and coils

Step4: Straighten the fins

Step5: Clean area around the unit

Step6: Level the unit

Step7: Clean the evaporated coils

Step8: Clean a plugged evaporated drain

Step9: Clean the blower filter

Step10: Turn the power back on.

These are the best way to maintain the aircon..

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