How to Clean and Maintain a Split Air-Conditioner ?

Split aircon

Split aircon are some of the most efficient cooling options available- but they’ll only stay that way if you maintain them properly.

There are some steps you can take to keep your ductless system. Here are six of them:

1. Keep the outside clean:

Accumulated dust and debris can cause big problems for your split aircon system. Also make sure that outdoor vents are free from blockages.

2. Give the unit space:

Although ductless aircon need less space need less space than central aircon, they still work best if you give them to operate. Try to keep space between the units and furnitures or art, which can gather efficiency -depriving dust.

3. Clean or replace filter:

Clogged filters can reduce the efficiency of your ductless system by as much as 20 percent! Follow manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining your filters.

4. Clean the coil and condenser:

Keep it free from dirt and debris – just make sure all components are powered off before you start your cleanup!

5. Monitor the pipes:

The pipe that let cold (or warm) air into your home can gather dirt and dust too.  Pipes can also develop leaks. Keep an eye on your pipes from time to time.

6. Call in the pros:

Most routine aircon maintenance is best left to professionals. Annual tune-ups ( included in our A/C priority plan) give technicians a change to look for blockages.

Maintain your split aircon:

1. Keep the coils clean

2. Check the fins

3. Inspect the condensate drain

4. Schedule a professional maintanence appointment.

Clean your split aircon:

1. Aircon wash bag

2. Turn off the power

3. Remove the casing if possible

4. Take out the plug for the drip tray

5. Clean the filters

6. Get the wash bag ready.