Daikin aircon installation

Daikin aircon

Daikin air conditioner is that trusted brand air conditioner by Globaly. in Singapore peoples looks brand quality and trusted product. Daikin manufacture their product with standard quality and the premium looks of their air product like air conditioner and air filter. so Daikin keeps the position of top selling aircon list in Singapore.

Daikin company, Singapore. not only make with the original spare part, they are doing some magic with their airconditioner. they have technology lab to improve their product with smart technologies. it helps to simplify our work and convenience of usability

Daikin Aircon installation

Surecool aircon engineers all are we experienced and specialist in Daikin aircon installation. we are the direct dealer of Daikin aircon company Singapore. if your purchase the Daikin aircon with us, we will full support after the installation.

To know more about Daikin aircon Installation:

Aircon is more preferred for your places to reduce the high temperature. In this day the top popular brand is Daikin. Why Daikin? Daikin has more advanced features and an energy-saving system. Daikin aircon installation we recommend all places like home – (living and bedroom), Commercial (to install split or centralized), etc.

Why most of the people prefer Daikin :

  • It performs based on Coanda airflow in which the blade swings upward, precluding cooling air from directly hitting the person head sitting in the aircon room.
  • Daikin has air purification so that we can sense fresh air.
  • Energy efficient
Daikin Aircon Installation

Daikin Aircon Price List

Top Models in DAIKIN Aircon

Single Split Aircon

Single split is to connect one fan coil to one compressor. This best choice for a room or bedroom, (the higher single split is considered for a living room (larger place)).

 Aircon models  BTU Sizes

RKS25GVMG (Outdoor Unit)

FTKS25DVM (Indoor Unit)


RKS35GVMG (Outdoor Unit)

FTKS35DVM (Indoor Unit)


FKS50GVMG (Outdoor Unit)

FTKS50DVM (Indoor Unit)


RKS71GVMG (Outdoor Unit)

FTKS71DVM (Indoor Unit)


Multi split   

Multi-split is to connect two or more fan coils to one compressor. This type of connecting is a multi indoor unit to connect an outdoor unit – LIKE 3 X 1 .(It is best choice for home and commercial place).

Noted :If you want to install two compressors of a multi-split system, before the installation you should check if your place is higher electrical loading. (If not higher you could not install the two compressors to install separate multi-split aircon). If you want to install the two compressors you can contact our experts, they will check the higher electrical loading of your place and provide the best service.

Daikin Ismiles Series 5Ticks (SYSTEM 2)


MKS50TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG x 2 (Indoor Unit)


9K, 9K System 2

MKS50TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG / CTKS35TVMG (Indoor Unit)


12K, 9K System 2

MKS50TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG / CTKS50TVMG (Indoor Unit)


18K, 9K System 2

MKS80TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG / CTKS71TVMG (Indoor Unit)


24K, 9K System 2


Daikin Ismiles Series 5Ticks (SYSTEM 3)

MKS50TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG x 3 (Indoor Unit)


9K, 9K, 9K System 3

MKS50TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG x 2 / CTKS35TVMG (Indoor Unit)


12K, 9K, 9K System 3

MKS50TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG x 2 / CTKS50TVMG (Indoor Unit)


18K, 9K, 9K System 3

MKS80TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG / CTKS71TVMG (Indoor Unit)


24K, 9K, 9K System 3
Daikin Ismiles Series 5Ticks (SYSTEM 4)

MKS80TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG x 3 / CTKS35TVMG (Indoor Unit)


12K, 9K, 9K, 9K System 4

MKS80TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG x 3 / CTKS50TVMG (Indoor Unit)

18K, 9K, 9K, 9K System 4

MKS80TVMG (Outdoor Unit)

CTKS25TVMG x 3 / CTKS71TVMG (Indoor Unit)


24K, 9K, 9K, 9K System 4

The above common models of the best choice for your place, If you want to know more about Daikin’s other models and BTU, you can just contact our experts and get a quick quotation.

Centralized air conditioner

A centralized aircon is best for large places to give even cooling efficiency for all places to end of corners.

To know more about aircon installation Guide :

  • Select the correct BTU size of aircon for your place
  • Before installation should free site inspection to avoid installation troubles
  • Choose a correct place to install the aircon.

Aircon installation Materials

copper coil
PVC trunking