Aircon gas topup
Aircon gas topup

What is Aircon Gas Topup?

If you feel your aircon is not cooling properly, so that time you should need to top up the gas for your refrigerant. When your Gas level is decreased, that automatically affects the cooling mode. So Sure cool is always ready to solve your aircon issue . If you realize your aircon is not cold enough please let us know at +65 8653 8092. 


Units Price Details
R32 starts from 40$
R22 starts from 40$
R410 starts from 40$
aircon Gas topup

Our Gas top up service Include for?

  • Air filter thoroughly checked and cleaned
  • Dismantle of front panel for properly and thoroughly cleaned
  • Inspection of Bio pure and deodorizing filter
  • Brushing and checking of indoor cooling coil
  • Flushing of drainage system
  • Inspection of condenser coil as well clean
  • Check the level of gas and Refill the gas 

How to know your air conditioner is low on refrigerant ? 

  • No cold air
  • Take much more time to cool the room
  • Electricity bill will be increased
  • refrigerant gas line

Benefits of Gas Top Up ? 

  • Reduced the electricity bill
  • Highly efficiency

Frequently asked questions

30 days warranty available for gas top up.

Every 3 months we have to check the gas level off Aircon.

Yes we refill r22 and r410 gas of aircon.