Aircon Steam Cleaning

Kick off the bacteria and bad content on air condiioner using steam cleaning. The high force steamer kills 100% bacteria’s and fungus. Book aircon steam cleaning appointment with our professional.

What is Aircon Steam cleaning?

Aircon steam cleaning is the healthier, eco-friendly version of the regular cleaning procedure of the air conditioner. This method of cleaning involves the expulsion of steam in high pressure so as to facilitate the removal of dirt from intricate crevices and clogged regions of the air conditioner. Aircon Steam cleaning is not as widely used as the usual chemical wash. However, it is gaining popularity with time

What are the benefits of steam cleaning? 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No use of harmful chemical
  • 99.9% of bacteria kills
  • Get Fresh and cool air
  • No odor smell

What is the procedure of steam cleaning for aircon?

  • Dismantle by casing 
  • Removed horizontal vanes 
  • Fully removed the entire 
  • open the vertical vane 
  • Fill the clean water into the steam cleaner 
  • Turn on the steam cleaner to heat up the water 
  • First steam the cooling coil 
  • Wipe away any residual water
  • Next steaming the filter 
  • Then all clean dust and dirt through brush 
  • Finally, reassemble the fully parts

Frequently Ask’ s Questions

Why to hire your company for Aircon steam cleaning?

Our technical experts will easily do steam cleaning services for your aircon quickly.

is there any transportation charges are there?

No, there are no transportation charges.

Will you provide any warranty after service?

Yes there is a 30 days workmanship warranty available.

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