We are the best aircon installation company in singapore. Our aircon technicans all are experienced in all kind of aircon installation such as single split , Multi spit and centralized aircon.

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Aircon installation

When summer is around the corner and, whichis always a perfect time for aircon installation. It will help you smartly deal with the hot climate and will save you from stress and headaches. But air conditioner installation could give you headaches if not installed perfectly.

Surecool aircon can save you from those headaches. We are one of the best air conditioner installation company offering a new air conditioner in Singapore. We install for both home and commercial purposes it can be either a split AC setup or the centralized one. We do it with professional touch so that you need not care about anything.

How to Install the Aircon?

Our professionals first inspect the site of installation and will recommend you the best product that suits you. It will help in getting an efficient cooling experience. We follow all steps at a quality elevated from other service providers thereby, reducing the risk of damage in the long run.

We don’t stop with that. We will keep caring for you, that’s why we remain the best servicing and maintenance company. We also install a smile on your face in the course of this process, and we don’t charge for it. So dial us and keep smiling! 

Centralized aircon and split aircon installation

If you have decided on aircon installation at your place, you have got many options to choose from. You need to resolve which type of air conditioner installation is essential for you. It can be a centralized or split one.

What’s the difference between both?

The split one is used to cool a single room or the rooms of your choice separately. It is efficient and is helpful for the personalized needs of your family members. It is an economical option for cooling compact rooms.

The centralized one is used to cool the whole area uniformly and efficiently. Here heat from the home or space is absorbed and cooled off as a whole. It can be the right choice if you prefer a whole uniform cooling and not cooling of specific rooms.

Even if you are not able to decide on one, call Surecool aircon. We are the best AC installation company dealing with air cond installation in Singapore. We would recommend you the best one that suits your need and also install it for you in the most seamless manner.

These two types can be even more personalized, according to your needs by our experts. So never worry about your requirements because we can do anything for you, to make you cool!

Should I buy an inverter AC or non-inverter AC?

Naturally, you will get a lot of questions when you start researching air conditioner installation. You need one place to get all your questions answered and at the same time, an extremely experienced professional to take care of all your aircon difficulties. Get in touch with the best ac installation company like Surecool aircon to do the air conditioner installation. Why do we say so?

We have the experience and market research on the factors that need to be looked at when installing an air conditioner. Only the right one can give you an ideal cooling experience at low rates.

Some of the factors we eye on to choose the best are

  • Hours of usage matter. When you use it for a very long-time, inverter AC can save 15-20% energy consumption. And if it is for less time, non-invertors could be a better choice since the energy saved will not equal the high pricing of those machines.
  • Inverter AC has low-frequency maintenance whichis not the case with non-inverter AC.
  • Non-inverter AC can be serviced by anyone, while inverter AC needs specialist care since it involves many technical spares.
  • All this is because the Non-inverter AC keeps turning ON and OFF to maintain the temperature in the room and work with 100% effort all the time, whereas Inverter AC never turns off to maintain temperature but slows down.

So whenever ac install requires in and aroundSingapore. Give us a call, our executive will guide you to make your installation a pleasant one.

Where to choose the best aircon for our home?

Before knowing where to choose, you have to know which aircon is the best in the market to perform a memorable aircon installation.There are numerable types of air conditioner installation available in the market like the split one and the centralized one. So, you have to choose one which suits your need perfectly. It will help you to save energy bills.

Different ACs have different cooling capacities. So, select one, which can cool down the area of your choice.

Go for an invertor AC. It is energy efficient since the compressor in an inverter AC doesn’t turn off once the desired temperature is reached resulting in a low level of energy consumption.

Finally look into other aspects like auto cleaning, heating, dust filter, and so on.So now you know something about choosing one, but not everything. Don’t worry! Surecool aircon, the best ac installation company is there for you. We have researched a lot on aircon and recommend you the best one based on your area and requirements. We first inspect the site of installation and then look into all aspects before doing an ac installation in Singapore.

Are you still in confusion about which will be the best place? Where you can choose the best aircon for your home? Give us a call, the rest will be taken care of by Surecool aircon.

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Here explain how to apply the site survey? and what to do for Aircon installation.


  1. Here rigtht side you can see the form for aircon site survey, please fill the details then click Register.
  2. After the registration our aircon engineers get back to you via Whatsapp within a day.
  3. At the time of site visit, Our technican suggest which will suitable for your rooms. Example: master bedroom -18k BTU, smal room -9k BTU like that.
  4. Then we give quotation based on your requirements. here we have various brands (pricves may vary based on brands).
  5. is that prices okay for you, you can purchase the aircon with us with free cost of installation.

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We provide our customers with the best quality aircond installation and service available in the market which makes them come back to us again and again.


Everything we do will be through experthands, giving no chance for mistakes. It makes us the best aircon installer in singapore.

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With our years of experience, we know what you need. We treat you just the right way you need to be treated.

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We are available for youwhenever you need us. Our lines are open for you to call us anytime for air conditioner installation and service.


We do air cond installation in Singapore and services at rates that others can’t even come closer. Better planning and execution enable us to give a great experience and low rates.