Aircon Chemical wash

We provides BEST AIRCON CHEMICAL WASH in Singapore. surecool aircon engineers gives quality service without any flaus. After the chemical wash your aircon will working like new.

What is aircon chemical wash?

Chemical wash service highly helps to Increase the lifespan of your aircon unit. Regular clean to avoid the major problem but fully extend the aircon lifespan only with the help of chemical wash. The chemical wash will be solved by the low aircon, bad odor, and water leak, etc. Our company provides a highly professional chemical wash service through expert technicians at your expected price.

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

  • Lifespan Increase
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cleaner environment for a healthier living
  • Reduced unexpected aircon problem
  • Solved water leakage issue
  • Prevent condenser Freezing

What problems arise, if the Chemical Wash is not done?

  • Air slow to cool
  • Water leakage from indoor unit
  • Bad odor from AC
  • Increase electricity bill
  • Increasing repairing cost
  • Aircon Lifespan decrease

Are you worried about the Low Cooling aircon Issue?

Surecool here for solving your aircon issue at a price you want you to expect.

Surecool provides the best aircon chemical wash service to fix your aircon low cooling issue. A chemical solution to help get more advantages for protecting the aircon unit from Lot of aircon issues.

Our experts are well-trained persons for handling the chemical solution, and We use Safety measures while washing the chemical. The safety measure can help avoid splashing the water or chemicals on your wall or floor. So you could generously hire our Surecool for chemical wash service. We follow Professional Guidelines.

What is Aircon Chemical Wash / What is Non-Dismantling Chemical Cleaning?

The aircon chemical wash service gives you more advantages by cleaning the Internal Components Parts from the Aircon unit. The regular aircon service is like cleaning outer dust and dirt, and regular aircon servicing is not more than enough for Keeping the aircon unit for long years. The chemical solution will clean the whole internal parts, So we save our aircon and get several advantages by the chemical solution way.

Chemical service takes place in two ways, one is Non-Dismantling, and the other is dismantling. The aircon chemical wash process is based on Non -Dismantling process. It means the chemical solution will clean Internal partial parts of the aircon. 

Why Aircon Chemical Wash?

Aircon Chemical wash helps to stay away from inefficient aircon performance, low cooling issues, foul odour, etc. This process will clean the fully accumulated dirt and dust to keep your aircon equal to the new one. Surecool will be here to help you with that.

What is the Scope of work of Chemical Wash?

Chemical was processed and will clean and check the process of the Internal parts and Indoor unit.

It Includes :

  • The air filter and Front panel will clean by using a Disinfection chemical solution
  • The Evaporator Coils will clean using Chemical spray
  • Steamer, Fan Blower, Drainage tray, etc. will fully clean by appropriate chemical solution
  • After completing the cleaning and checking, will do reassemble the aircon
  • Finally, check the circuit wiring connection, temperature, and Gas level
If I do Chemical wash? What would I get after the cleaning?
  • Faster Cooling
  • Prevent Water Leak 
  • Internal Components more Effective work
  • Prevent Bad odour
  • Avoid Unexpected parts issue occurred

If I do not do the chemical wash? What will happen?

  • Aircon Not Cold enough
  • Increased your Electricity Bill 
  • Water leak issue
  • Fan Bearing and Thermistor will Fault
  • Increase Aircon Repair cost

Why does SureCool Provide Aircon Chemical wash at a reasonable price?

Surecool offers you the best Chemical wash service at a reasonable price to not have too much difficulty with the heat in this tropical place. So, We offer the chemical wash service Home, Commercial Places, Landed, etc., and We strive to do better work for giving the customer satisfaction by Quickly solving the aircon issues. Then, You can easily get professional aircon service from our experienced engineers. 

Frequently Ask’ s Questions

Why should we hire your company for Aircon chemical wash service?

We provide a top class Aircon chemical wash service for an affordable price in singapore for commercial and home use.

how much do you charge for chemical wash service?

70$ for 1 unit , for 2 and above units 60$ per unit.

how many days do u provide warranty?

We have a 60 days workmanship warranty after service

My Aircon has a bad smell, how to solve it?

You can contact the nearest Aircon company then book chemical wash for your air conditioner.

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