Aircon Chemical wash
Aircon Chemical Wash

What is aircon chemical wash?

Chemical wash service highly helps to Increase the lifespan of your aircon unit. Regular clean to avoid the major problem but fully extend the aircon lifespan only with the help of chemical wash. The chemical wash will be solved by the low aircon, bad odor, and water leak, etc. Our company provides a highly professional chemical wash service through expert technicians at your expected price.

Units Price Details
1 unit 70$
2 units 120$
3 units 180$
4 units 210$
aircon chemical wash

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

  • Lifespan Increase
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cleaner environment for a healthier living
  • Reduced unexpected aircon problem
  • Solved water leakage issue
  • Prevent condenser Freezing

What problems arise, if the Chemical Wash is not done?

  • Air slow to cool
  • Water leakage from indoor unit
  • Bad odor from AC
  • Increase electricity bill
  • Increasing repairing cost
  • Aircon Lifespan decrease

Frequently asked questions

We provide a top class Aircon chemical wash service for an affordable price in singapore for commercial and home use.

70$ for 1 unit , for 2 and above units 60$ per unit.

We have a 60 days workmanship warranty after service

You can contact the nearest Aircon company then book chemical wash for your air conditioner.