These days one of the regular usages of the appliance is the air conditioner. Aircon prefers to prevent heat temperature in homes, offices, malls, etc. In Singapore, we know that it is a more tropical place. So, we could not live without aircon. Regular aircon usage possibly forms more dirt, dust, etc. Suppose you skip cleaning your aircon. Your aircon will likely cause many troubles so you may lose your aircon and money. Nowadays aircon prefers many services to keep better performance for long years. How long has it been since we have given importance to aircon service for our aircon? We could save our aircon from arising into big trouble.

In the previous, above we declared that these days prefer more aircon services to save our aircon, right? But one of the aircon services will prevent all troubles. Guess what? That AIRCON CHEMICAL WASH. Yes, chemical cleaning will prevent all troubles and save your aircon. Below we give a simple declaration of chemical wash service so that you can easily be informed about that.


The aircon chemical wash cleans the internal parts of the Fan coil (indoor unit). The important parts inside the aircon air Filter, evaporator coil, steamer, etc., will be cleaned using an appropriate chemical solution. In that way, it will remove all dust particles. After the service, you could look at the new aircon.


  • To Prevent high Electric
  • To Prevent water leak
  • To Prevent bad odour
  • Increase cooling efficiency
  • Better aircon performance

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The aircon chemical wash process will better solve all aircon problems. “ If you do not service your aircon regularly or If you can use the aircon day by day without maintenance there might be more problems created from your aircon”. That time. No worries, all your aircon troubles will be cleared using one chemical solution.

Sure cool is here to solve your aircon troubles and will wait to do chemical cleaning. If you expect to do a chemical wash service or if your aircon has any issues. Just make one call for surecool and solve your aircon troubles shortly.

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