Nowadays all the houses and industrial areas across the world are having aircon. Aircon plays an important role in those aircon is an circial one for all houses. By using aircon we can adjust the outside and inside area temperatures. 

Aircons are available  in a variety of brands and such brands are having more feathers. Based on these features the cost of the aircon are Daikin,Midea, Panasonic,York,Sharp,Lg and more..,

So maintaining such aircons is complicated. Therefore aircon contracts are the best one. 

We are providing all types of aircon service based on contract

Service of aircon is an important one for all types of aircon.After 6months,the importance of aircon service. Problems arise in aircon due to the environment and power supply given to the aircon. 

Air conditioning maintenance service arrangement is an understanding or agreement between a cooling organization and an AC proprietor, in which the organization is to embrace all repair and service of the said AC for a predefined time frame, at a concurred cost.

Ordinary support keeps your HVAC framework ready to rock ‘n roll with the goal that you dodge startling breakdowns and expensive crisis fixes. You try not to pay twilight expenses if your framework separates in the evening, and your energy costs are lower when your framework is running all the more effectively

Problems arises in aircon are

  • cooling and heating control
  • power supply
  • compressor
  • fan coil
  • inside unit dusts
  • Bad thermostat sensor
  • reducing the electricity bill
  • boosts ac’s performance
  • airfiter maintenance
  • water leak(inside the house)
  • Water leak(outside the house)

Cooling & Heating control System

That avoid Ac works in environment weather by giving you instant cooling level.

Power supply

Aircon power supply are two types of flow circuits,AC and DC

Maximum aircon power supply 3500watts compressor off-250watts, 

  • Largest window units – 1440 watts
  • Medium window unit – 900 watts

Fan motor problem

Aircon contactor is an electrical switch that controls the compressor and condenser fan motor.

Bad thermostat sensor

The sensor maintain in remote to automatically aircon cooling and heating level. Many number of sensor notation display with on aircon.

Reducing the electricity bill

Any power cut on your aircon that are not very efficiency. Run at a cut-off temperature not any issues for aircon system.

Air Filter maintanance

It’s fundamental limit is to clean the air that flows through your warming and cooling system. Channels trap and hold various sorts of particulates and unfamiliar substances that could impact your prosperity and comfort.

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