Aircon General Service

We will provide Best Aircon General Service in singapore at reasonable price. Our aircon professional all are certified, So don’t worry about your air conditoner.

Aircon General service process to inspect and clean the air filter, Evaporator coil, Checking the gas level, Checking Circuit connect, etc. The process will remove the outer accumulated dirt and dust. When you do the regular aircon service, definitely it could not store any dust into your aircon.

Benefits of general service?

  • Lost efficiency will be recovered.
  • Lifespan of the unit will be prolonged.
  • Your comfort will be increased.
  • Your unit will cost less to operate.
  • Reduced major aircon repair cost

What does the Process in Aircon General Service?

  • We Inspect the aircon parts and clean the dirt and dust particles completely. So that it can not create any blockages and you can get better air cooling.
  • We will do a full check and clean of the air filter, outer panels, drainage pipe, and refrigerant.
  • We Will Clean the water tray and blower as well. 
  • Finally, we check circuit connections to prevent light blinking and automatically turn on and off, etc.

Learn more about Aircon General Service

It prevents the dirt stored in a drainage pipe and internal parts of the aircon. Because Of that, there is less chance of big trouble. These days, we know how long our aircon is working in a day. In that way there is a 100% chance to store a lot of dirt and dust. It affects the whole indoor unit; if you skip the issue, you may lose your aircon as well. So Surecool here to you with the help of to-do the general aircon service to save Your aircon.

If I have not done Aircon General service Properly? What are the problems I face?

  • Reducing air-cooling efficiency
  • Increasing Repair cost
  • Increasing electric Bill
  • Thermistor might Fault

Do you want to avoid a big problem in the aircon?

You are confused about how it is possible? Don’t confuse, and this is Possible by You maintaining the regular aircon service. When you do not skip the aircon service for your aircon, definitely you will not face a big aircon problem in Future.

Our Surecool will help you with that by general aircon service. Regular Aircon service is one of the best ways to protect our air con from unwanted aircon troubles. For that, Surecool is ready to give Professional aircon service at what you expect the Price with premium quality.


Frequently Ask’ s Questions

How many months do we have to do general Aircon service?

Every 3-4 month once we have to service our aircon so major issues will not affected if we properly maintain it.

Are there any extra transportation charges?

Above 2 units there will be no transportation charge.

Do you have any workmanship warranty?

Yes we have 30 days workmanship warranty after service.

Why do we have to do service with you?

Our experienced professionals will easily do general service for your aircon for an affordable price.

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