Basically, the aircon repair will be created without aircon maintenance. It means if you did not care about your aircon performance and its parts function. If your aircon function will run without aircon service May You will get aircon repair. Then you might spend more money to reach good performance and good conditions to equal the new.

Commonly affect your air conditioner, If you skip the aircon service :

⦁ Water leak:

The regular usage of aircon will collect more dirt, So you need to service properly, If avoid, the dirt will create a clogged system in a drainage pipe. Then your aircon might face a water leak.

⦁ Noise issue:

The noise issue might come from an aircon malfunction. Commonly this issue arises from aircon spare parts if loose, or unexpected parts broken. Can avoid these issues by maintaining the aircon properly.

⦁ Thermistor Fault:

The thermistor is a Vital Part of the aircon for getting the cooling efficiency. If the thermistor fails, It might give hot air or Could not set the correct cooling temperature. So if your aircon thermistor is at fault, just hire it here and resolve the problem quickly.

⦁ Error Code:

The error code aircon repair is shown has many reasons but commonly affects this issue by communication fault In between fan coil and Compressor. So if your aircon indicates an error code, You can troubleshoot by Surecool.

⦁ Compressor repair:

aircon compressor repair might be improper lubrication. This issue comes from a low cool and incorrect type of refrigerant. And Due to the form of more accumulated dirt. So you can properly clean the compressor with the chemical solution to avoid such issues.

Do the above aircon repairs have in your aircon? Just do aircon service properly and Hire Surecool for getting good workmanship service at a reasonable price.

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