Top 7 Reasons Aircon Service Contract

Top 7 Reasons Aircon Service Contract

During summer, the weather gets unbearable hot and we are highly-reliant on aircon. We need aircon units when we are sleeping, working, shopping and many more. Functioning and cooling units are essential to keep us and our families comfortable at all times of the day and night.

1. Stay Healthy:

It is important that you and your family stay healthy as well as breathing clean air.
If your aircon is clogged with bacteria, dirt, and dust, it can lead to various health issues, especially if there are existing conditions such as asthma or allergies.

2. Cleaner Air:

By having your aircon being serviced regularly, you can ensure clean air filters and units. This will ensure that you are constantly breathing in clean air that is free of dust, bacteria, and pollutants.

3. Extend lifespan:

Aircon units are similar to most machines where servicing is required to ensure your units are running in top-notch condition. Expensive aircon units are pointless if you fail to maintain it properly. A qualified service technician will help to check all the parts and ensure they are clean.

4. Reduce Major Breakdowns:

I am sure no one likes when your aircon breakdown as it will disrupt your whole
schedule and even frustrate you due to the heat.

5. Save Cost in the Long Run:

If you think that aircon servicing is expensive, your electricity and repair bills may be even higher in the long run. A unit without regular maintenance can cost you more such as higher electricity bills, as well as high repair bills if there are major repairs required due to poor maintenance. Small issues that are not aware of can eventually lead to a major issue that leads to breakdown or malfunction problem.

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How to choose a Reliable Aircon Service Company?

How to choose a Reliable Aircon Service Company?


The process of looking for a reliable aircon service Company and repair company can be quite overwhelming. With several options available, you can easily get confused while searching for aircon service. You might be tempted to hire the first company you come across, but that is not the best decision you can make. 

 Check services provided:

              There are different types of services provided by an aircon service provider. Such services will tell you a lot about the company. Most reputable companies provide additional services other than just repair facilities. It is a good idea to hire a company that provides both preventative and on-demand maintenance. A reputable company will have an experienced and versatile group of workers.

 Ask for referrals:

             It is a good idea to rely on referrals to find aircon services. Ideally, everyone has aircon systems in their homes, so they have to deal with aircon repair and maintenance issues. That means they have had both good and bad experiences with different aircon companies. 

Informative sales process:

           The company should be open and transparent about the aircon they install and the installation process. They should try to educate you and help you choose the best solution to meet your need, not just sell you the solution that makes them the most money. Don’t sign with anyone saying that you need to sign up that day – a good company will allow you time to make an informed, unpressured decision. 

 Professional documentation:

          Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the service or product will be of high quality, it means that the company is serious and organized – a good sign. You should be presented with a professional-looking quite showing all expenses plus any further information about the products and installation.

Good communication:

         There’s is nothing more frustrating than calling a company and never being able to get through to them trying to give them money, imagine how hard they’ll be to get hold of if you have a future warranty issue.

How to choose the best Aircon company for commercial Aircon Servicing?

How to choose the best Aircon company for commercial Aircon Servicing?

When you are looking for the best aircon service or aircon installation or repair in Singapore at first you need to know which company gives the best quality service in Singapore. It’s very important to choose the right aircon company for your aircon. Here we show you some tips for choosing the right aircon company.

You need to look best service provider

At first, you need to search for the best aircon company in local directories and the web to select the best company. Always choose a company for all types of aircon installation, service, and repair because it is very easy to find a solution in one place with just one call but when you are using a different company for different services it’s very hard to book each service and you don’t get an aircon promotion from them.

Check reviews and rating

Before choosing a company at first you need to analyze their customer reviews and rating because some newly start-up companies offer the best price for the service but don’t choose a company for a price check the company experienced in this service and also verify the background of the company. Ask help from friends and family surroundings to get the right company.

Check experienced technician and service

Aircon problems occur at any time so if you need a quick service you don’t need to wait for the next day for aircon service so always choose the company who works 24/7  in a week to solve the aircon problems for all customers in Singapore. Also checks the company hires the experienced technician for aircon servicing because it’s a very important one before choosing the best aircon company. When a small mistake happened during some repair and services its costs high for replacement and cross-check every technician from the company with old customers.So these are the basic tips for choosing the best aircon Company in Singapore.

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Why Regular Aircon Servicing Extremely Important for Our Aircon?

Why Regular Aircon Servicing Extremely Important for Our Aircon?

An aircon unit is an important feature in the life of the Singaporeans. The usage of aircon in Singapore homes is so high when compared to other the aircon needs to be serviced regularly to obtain maximum comfort in our environment.

What are the things doing in the Regular Aircon Service:

  • Aircon general service– In aircon general service, the technician gives full inspection to our aircon checks every part of our aircon whether it works fine or not. And also cleans the air filter and other parts of the aircon to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Aircon steam cleaning-Aircon which collects dust particles from the air. This dust particle settled in parts of our aircon it causes various problems in the environment. When high-pressure steam which cleans dirt and clogged particles from your aircon. it also helps to improve the air quality of your aircon.
  • Aircon chemical wash– It’s one of the important services in aircon cleaning. During the aircon chemical wash, the technician cleans every part with chemicals because the corrosive particles from the air it damages the inner parts of our it has to clean with chemicals to avoid repair and damages.
  • Aircon chemical overhaul– In chemical overhaul process the technician not only treats the aircon parts with a chemical he also checks and replaces the not working aircon parts. And then the technician also checks the blockage in vents and pipes.

Aircon regular service is not done properly infrequent intervals it leads us to various problems in our aircon, the aircon loses its efficiency and reduces the lifespan of our aircon.

By doing regular aircon service properly by achieving various benefits like reduce sudden repairs, breathe hygiene air, it improves efficiency and also increases the life span of our aircon. Nearly 63% of peoples in Singapore face aircon problems in a year by without doing regular aircon service for their aircon.