How to choose the right air conditioner for our HDB flat?

Choosing an air-conditioner can be a nightmare! There are so many different air cooling systems to pick from – fan coil, split system, inverter – it’s hard to know which is best. When it comes to choosing the right air conditioning for our HDB flat, it can be a minefield of numbered Btu, SEER ratings, and variable star efficiency classifications. It’s no wonder that HDB homeowners everywhere are sweating over the decision. I’ll give you the data to choose the right air conditioning for your HDB flat.

  1. the suitable air conditioner size for your room. Before choosing the aircon size we measure the room size and choose the BTU level. The BTU is vary from the room size.
  2. Choose the energy-saving brand. It is a must to choose to decrease the electricity bill.
  3. Choose the best aircon company and compare all the aircon companies and read all reviews.
  4. Choose the best service and support aircon brand.

Finding the perfect air conditioner for your home is easy. The Airconpros team knows everything about air conditioning systems. You can get in touch with us through email, phone, or even directly on our website. Our goal is to help you find the right cooling solution for your home, whether it’s a brand new split system or an energy-efficient inverter that will save you money every month!

Aircon Table for HDB 

Aircon system table
Reasons of buy Inverter air conditioner

Reasons of buy Inverter air conditioner

Inverter type air conditioner regulates the speed of the compressor to check the refrigerant gas flow rate thereby consuming minimum power. The inverter has accurate temperature control and if the fixed temperature is reached, the unit controls its capacity to avoid any temperature fluctuations.

Inverter ac is a new air cooling concept that is suitable for split type units and not for window types. the split type has two parts

  1. Indoor unit (fan coil unit)
  2. Outdoor unit (compressor)

The outdoor compressor of the AC gives refrigerant to the indoor part of the AC unit. The fan in the indoor part of the AC unit gives cooling air by allowing it to pass through the refrigerant

Advantages of Buying Inverter AC:

  • can run at lower power
  • reduce electricity bill (save more money)
  • continuously can run more time in less power

To avoid consuming more power, inverters are installed with motors. The speed can be changed as per the requirement also the motor will consume more power when the AC starts to reach the required temperature. it measured by ticks 5 ticks, this 5 ticks aircon consuming the minimum power supply. so you can save the maximum power by inverter air conditioner.

When it archives the desired temperature, the motor will slow down, this is why consumption of power decreases to half & the motor works at less speed In case of having a non-inverters means, we have to set temperature, and the AC will cut off every 15 mins, But in an inverter unit, consume more power during the initial 15 minutes, However, it will continue the temperature for the rest of the hours, by running at a very low speed .

Popular inverter aircon models

Daikin inverter aircon


Daikin inverter aircon


Daikin inverter aircon


Best Aircon Brand In Singapore?

Best Aircon Brand In Singapore?


 People, too prefer to go for a trusted brand air conditioner and there is no better qualifier in this regard the MITSUBISHI airconDuring the summer season, we usually need an air conditioner for our comfort. In the past decade due to global warming average temperature has increased. Just install your AIRCON at your home to make your indoor cool.

 Below are the important points to consider before buying new air conditioners:

                                   1. Power consumption

                                   2. User rating

                                   3. Value of money

                                   4. Star rating  

                 The area of the room and direction of the airflow towards the bed is the most important decisions to be taken before installing your new aircon. Selecting the right size or right capacity depends on so many factors. A ton is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.


                   Energy rating: 5 star

                   Capacity        : 1.5 ton

                   Type              : split

MITSUBISHI is one of the respected brands even in the global air conditioning market. Inverter technology makes sure the AC’s optimum cooling and it is the most durable and reliable brand of air conditioner that you can get for your home.

                    The technology advantage and features of our products and services have made MITSUBISHI in the worldwide air conditioning leader. Sleek wall-mounted air conditions and heating units are the perfect alternatives to cooling and heating almost any room.

                    If you keep it well maintained, your ductless air conditioning system should give you over 20 years of reliable service. Our aircon installers will give you perfect installation and super service for your air conditioner and they will give proper guidance for your wish.

                    You can blindly trust Mitsubishi brand air conditioner for your home and offices. Then you can prefer for your aircon installation and Aircon Service at any time at affordable price for your comfort.

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