in this blog will know aircon buying guide. what are the important things of before buy an aircon. The price of air-conditioners in Singapore may generally start a little higher this month. So, this is a good time for you to maintain and service your old and used air-conditioner – The aircon application depends on where you live in Singapore.

These days a variety of aircons available in the market in Singapore at different prices, it will be your duty to choose the right aircon for your home. Depending on the size of your room and the temperature of your city. So it is very important to choose the right aircon that can provide the right cooling. You can choose the right aircon for your home or office with our Sure cool guide – so let’s get ready for 2022 Singapore weather.

Aircon Buying Guide

Before Keep Some Important factors Consider:

The capacity of room size:

You should check your room size of Capacity (BTU). It’s very important to aircon installation. The correct size of BTU will give efficient cooling and Save electricity.


For room size  140 sq. ft., a 1 ton Aircon will generally be enough. A 150 sq. ft. to 200sq ft. room will be enough for a 1.5 ton Aircon, whereas any room large enough will be enough for a 2 ton Aircon.

Efficiency support:

With the increased cost of electricity, it is essential to buy an Aircon which can provide you with good cooling while consuming the least power. The energy-efficient rating considered is 5 Ticks.

Window or Split Aircon?

While window Aircon prices may be cheap, they are not as quiet as split air conditioners. While split Aircon provides better aircon, now window units are easier to install.

Air filter quality

The room should be humid, cool, and comfortable. Aircon with good dehumidifiers are more comfortable providing better cooling in the rainy season. This is another great feature that we need to look out for. It improves the performance of the Aircon accordingly.

Aircon installation and maintenance, important work for cleaning:

Performance and usability will depend on the installation of the Aircon, it is important to install your Aircon with the help of an authorized good dealer. Also, split Aircon have a compressor unit on the outside, while window Aircon has a smaller unit, which is a very low maintenance cost for some Aircon.

Aircon cooling speed:

Air conditioners with a thermostat will have a cooling speed, and air conditioners with two fans will have a cooling speed depending on the weather in the area. This will help speed up the cooling capacity of the variable fans.

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