Aircon chemical overhaul
aircon chemical overhaul

What is Aircon chemical overhaul?

Singapore is the hottest place and vehicle usage level is high. So we are normally using the air conditioner. However, the daily use of air conditioners usually brings a lot of health hazards. Over time the system accumulated dirt, dust, Bacteria, Algae, and Blockage, etc. so these problems are easily overcome by the chemical overhaul service. 

Units Price Details
1 Per/unit 100$
Price may vary based on BTU size
Aircon Chemical overhaul

Aircon Chemical Overhaul – Scope of work

  • Disassemble of the fan loop unit
  • Disassemble electronic control and seepage gadget
  • Concoction cleaning of fan loop unit and parts
  • Vacuuming of the seepage framework
  • Charging in of refrigerant
  • Check AC control and indoor regulators
  • Test and commission framework

Advantages of Chemical Overhaul

Altogether destroys germs, shape, microscopic organisms and smell
Keeps stopping up of AC from soil, form and microscopic organisms
Improve generally speaking productivity and machine life expectancy
Clean AC will bring about cost investment funds and a more secure condition for the tenants

What problems arise, if the Chemical Overhaul is not done?

  • Blockage of the vents due to accumulation of dust particles
  • Blockage of drainage pipe it cause water leak
  • Damage the evaporator coils
  • Fan bearing not working
  • Air filter fault 

Benefits of Chemical overhaul ? 

  • Fresh and clean air
  • Longer aircon life
  • Reduced electricity bill
  • Fast and better cooling
  • No water leak problem

Frequently asked questions

Our technical experts will quickly dismantle your aircon and properly  service it and assemble it quickly.

90 days workmanship warranty available for overhaul service.

no you don’t need to pay any extra cost.