regular aircon servicing

An aircon unit is an important feature in the life of Singaporeans. The usage of aircon in Singapore homes is so high when compared to other countries. so the aircon needs to be serviced regularly to obtain maximum comfort in our environment.

What are the things doing in the Regular Aircon Service:

  • Aircon general service– In aircon general service, the technician gives full inspection to our aircon checks every part of our aircon whether it works fine or not. And also cleans the air filter and other parts of the aircon to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Aircon steam cleaning-Aircon which collects dust particles from the air. This dust particle settled in parts of our aircon it causes various problems in the environment. When high-pressure steam which cleans dirt and clogged particles from your aircon. it also helps to improve the air quality of your aircon.
  • Aircon chemical wash– It’s one of the important services in aircon cleaning. During the aircon chemical wash, the technician cleans every part with chemicals because the corrosive particles from the air it damages the inner parts of our it has to clean with chemicals to avoid repair and damages.
  • Aircon chemical overhaul– In chemical overhaul process the technician not only treats the aircon parts with a chemical he also checks and replaces the not working aircon parts. And then the technician also checks the blockage in vents and pipes.

Aircon regular service is not done properly infrequent intervals it leads us to various problems in our aircon, the aircon loses its efficiency and reduces the lifespan of our aircon.

By doing regular aircon service properly by achieving various benefits like reducing sudden repairs, breathing hygiene air, it improves efficiency and also increases the life span of our aircon. Nearly 63% of people in Singapore face aircon problems in a year without doing regular aircon service for their aircon.

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