Is this the simplest guide you can learn about installing Aircon? In Singapore, there are several leading companies to do the work for the installation of Aircon. And it is good that you have knowledge of Aircon, even though there are often Aircon companies. However do not be afraid if you do not have knowledge about Aircon installation. We now offer you our feedback on Aircon installation. This article will give you an idea of  basic’s new aircon installation step by step procedure

Basic’s of Aircon installation 

Step 1 > you need to choose a suitable place to install Aircon One of the basic general things is that you must first choose the room for the Aircon installation. This allows you to easily select the required air quality for the location.

Step 2 > you can choose what type of aircon you want.

There are two types of proximity

  • Separation of ergon
  • Centralized Aircon

Step 3 > the type of aircon is EER-aircon which is used to save electricity charges. However it has good cooling capacity.

 Step 4 > keep an eye on your electricity bill. Before installing an Aircon, you need to be clear about your Aircon utility bills; Most aerogens can incur high electricity costs after installation. So you have to choose the Aircon installation with that in mind

Step 5 > you need to know the size of the room that Aircon uses

This is because aircon cooling varies depending on the size of the room. By choosing the right amount of aircon you have the opportunity to increase the cooling throughout your room.

Equipment required for Aircon installation:

C PVC Drain Pipe – PVC Drain Pipe – This line is the fan fan loop unit that interfaces and attempts to release compressed water. It has a standard size of 13mm and 16mm, although the 16mm model fan coil can be used to provide uniform water flow.

Armflex Insulation –  Thicker protection, almost guaranteed to hold the capacitor away from water pipes.

So it prevents water leakage problems. Armflex insulation exemplifies 2-inch armflex and 3/8 inch armflex protection.

Wire connection, power string connection, of two types:

  • 3 center 40 wires
  • three centers 70 wires.

You are using 3C70 wire. 3C70 is higher than different wires.

Operation copper pipe

The copper line connects to the fan loop unit blower. Also, refrigerant gas is sent there. It is recommended to buy G22 copper pipes rather than the standard G23. This is based on the fact that the G22 copper pipe is thicker. So that it prevents gas leakage.


The mild steel section is preferred for aircon installation. You can purchase top steel sections from an expert Aircon management system. It supports your ergon when introduced, so it will attach securely

Aircon trunking

Its trunking will help cover all Aircon company products. HDP Flats But Trunking Condominium or Landlord Property is highly looked after. It hides objects, so you won’t see them there. Keep in mind that you need to find out about trunking. You can get guidance from experts.

Notable Guidelines for Aircon Installation:

Strength of Argon Holding Divider – Right Scattering Between Divider and Argon – Right Separation from Ground – Install the Argon Point Effectively – Install the Outdoor Unit Near the Fan Coil – Connect the Circuit Board Precisely – Install the Network Properly Between the Indoor and Outdoor Unit

Elements to avoid during Aircon installation:

Try not to buy some unacceptable forced air system – do not accept unsafe protection – do not choose some unacceptable place for aircon installation – do not keep the distance between indoor and outdoor unit – do not accept bad electrical wiring


This guide will be very useful for you when you buy air conditioner. Our Aircon service is the best Aircon installation system with 25+ years of technical expertise

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