Reason for Aircon not cooling

It’s a common problem faced by everyone in Singapore. Today we have to show you the
reasons why this problem occurs in aircon for that read the below article to get information
about it

1. Not servicing the aircon

When the aircon uses a long time without doing any type of service it creates some
problems like improper cooling, frequently turns off/on, and so on. To solve these types of problems by doing regular aircon services like general service, chemical wash , chemical overhaul ,etc.

2. Timer problem

When timer of your aircon is defective it’s not working properly it causes the automatic on/off problem in your aircon. To solve these problem contact a technician to repair the
timer or replace with a new timer.

3. Problem with the compressor

When there is some issue occurs in compressor it causes the frequent on/off the problem. When the compressor is not serviced regularly it causes various problems to solve the problem call the best aircon service company in Singapore to rectify it.

4. Defective thermostat

The thermostat is also one of the reasons for the automatic turn/off issue. The defective
thermostat is not maintaining the aircon temperature properly in the surroundings so the aircon unit is stopped suddenly to solve this problem hire a professional from an aircon service company in Singapore.

5. Issues in the circuit board

Nowadays we are using inverter aircon these aircon uses circuit board for all types of controls in the aircon when there is some problem occur on the circuit board it causes the frequent on/off issue. So do the aircon service regularly to avoid these types of problems.

6. Issues in remote control

When the remote control sensor is not working properly. The remote control issue is also
one of the reasons for the replaces a new one to solve this problem.
So do the regular service properly for your aircon. Don’t skip the aircon service it’s not fun it causes severe problems in a/c unit and replacement costs are so high.

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