Mitsubishi AIrcon

Mitsubishi is one of the top-rated aircon brands in Singapore. Also, Mitsubishi is one of the trusted and most reliable aircon companies in Singapore. But first, we have to choose which company is best because two companies operating under the same brand and they are Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries they are different companies each company offers unique products. In this article, we show you which company is the best Mitsubishi Electric or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries?

Advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Aircon:

1. Long-lasting

Mitsubishi Electric aircon is highly durable and long-lasting because it has some features, Unlike the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aircon units. It lowers the risk of the unit overheating. Ultimately, this makes the unit runs long-lasting without any problem.

2. Employ the latest Smart Technology

What makes Mitsubishi Electric aircon units apply the latest technologies to their units to help consumers to get more comfortable. You can control Mitsubishi electric aircon units from anywhere in the home because it utilizes wireless function on aircon units. There are only a limited number of smart features available on Mitsubishi Electric units the more advanced units have even get more smart tech features integrated into their units.

3. Extremely Quiet & user friendly

These aircon units are quiet they run on very low noise and extremely user-friendly it is easy to use and control their aircon with some simple keys.

Dis advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Aircon:

These aircon units are highly expensive. Some people said it’s not so powerful as heavy industries.

Advantages of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon:

1. Highly reliable units

 Mitsubishi Heavy aircon units are very high in quality they produce long-lasting and highly reliable units.

2. High Energy Efficient units

Mitsubishi heavy units are very high in performance and work on very low it saves more it’s highly energy efficient compared to Mitsubishi Electric units.

3. Quiet and Cost-effective

These units run very quietly without making any sound and even for that price it performs so well even non-inverter units also save more energy and consume low they are highly cost-effective.

Dis advantages of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon:

One of the biggest disadvantages is fan coil arrangements so it’s easy cogged up by dust and debris so it ruins the overall performance of the unit.

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