Inverter type air conditioner regulates the speed of the compressor to check the refrigerant gas flow rate thereby consuming minimum power. The inverter has accurate temperature control and if the fixed temperature is reached, the unit controls its capacity to avoid any temperature fluctuations.

Inverter ac is a new air cooling concept that is suitable for split type units and not for window types. the split type has two parts

  1. Indoor unit (fan coil unit)
  2. Outdoor unit (compressor)

The outdoor compressor of the AC gives refrigerant to the indoor part of the AC unit. The fan in the indoor part of the AC unit gives cooling air by allowing it to pass through the refrigerant

Advantages of Buying Inverter AC:

  • can run at lower power
  • reduce electricity bill (save more money)
  • continuously can run more time in less power

To avoid consuming more power, inverters are installed with motors. The speed can be changed as per the requirement also the motor will consume more power when the AC starts to reach the required temperature. it measured by ticks 5 ticks, this 5 ticks aircon consuming the minimum power supply. so you can save the maximum power by inverter air conditioner.

When it archives the desired temperature, the motor will slow down, this is why consumption of power decreases to half & the motor works at less speed In case of having a non-inverters means, we have to set temperature, and the AC will cut off every 15 mins, But in an inverter unit, consume more power during the initial 15 minutes, However, it will continue the temperature for the rest of the hours, by running at a very low speed .

Popular inverter aircon models

Daikin inverter aircon


Daikin inverter aircon


Daikin inverter aircon


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